Pairing of 2 Styles = Fun New Look

Accessorizing can be so much fun if you allow yourself to step out of your box at times.  One of summer’s fun accessories is the straw bag which comes in so many different shapes and colors.  Last year, I highlighted three cute straw bags I picked up at the Goodwill for $3 each. 

They were very colorful and fun to add to my collection.  I also wrote a previous post about the cross body bag which is popular with all age groups.  So I decided to combine the two looks in a cute little purse I recently found.

For this upcoming summer look, I have had my eye on the ever popular circular straw cross body bag.  While I have seen many different colors  and sizes, while browsing the internet, I was hesitant to spend the asking price that many are listed at.   I came across this great buy from Walmart online recently.  While most bags I have seen have been anywhere from $39 to over $100, I found this cute unconventional black/white bag for $16, which you all know fits my $25 and under criteria very well.  And I am very pleased, as it is exactly what I hoped for.

The straw bag has been around, in some form, since the 1950’s and were initially looked at as a beach bag accessory, but then later it was  condensed when ladies started using it as a fashion statement and as a fun accessory for carrying make-up and small items.  It re-emerged again in the 90’s and has been a pretty consistent part of Spring and Summer fashions since then, in some form or style.  I really like the circular straw bag as it has a retro look and feel to it that makes it quite the popular accessory right now. While I like the natural straw, I am happy with the black/white I chose and look forward to having some fun times using it to accent different outfits this summer.  If you haven’t picked one up, maybe you might consider it.  If you look hard enough, the price can be just right for you!



  1. Hi Pam,

    Great post! Straw bags are so on trend and definitely on my list of must-have summer accessories. I love how accessible they are and at different price points. I was in Target a few weeks ago and on display was the most fabulous collection of straw bags. I literally wanted all of them! A few years back I purchased a deep red straw clutch bag that I still wear today. It’s timeless just like the ones you introduced here.

    Thanks for sharing.



    • Thanks Donna! I always love reading your comments. And I do believe I am going to head over to Target and see if they have some straw bags left…. in my price range, of course! I appreciate the heads up!


  2. Great pics and you have lost s lot. I love straw bags. I go to Good Will for all of my purses and accessories.


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