Straw Purses Add Style!

One of the easiest ways to add color and style to a summer outfit is with the addition of a straw purse.  The straw purse has been around since the late 1950’s and was originally called the basket bag because it was really a picnic basket used as a purse and of course over time, it evolved into the creative styles of today.  For a fun read on purses, you can find additional information on this cool article on 1950’s handbags,

Today there are unlimited choices on the styles of straw bags available.  Prices can range from very low to quite expensive.  I found these three bags at one of my favorite places, The Goodwill.  The red and the blue were $3 each and the natural color was $4.  I have to say buying all three for $10 was quite a find.  And as you are finding out more about me through my posts, I do love a great bargain and I more importantly love keeping it under my $25 limit.

Almost any store you go in this season will have a selection to choose from, and don’t forget everything under the sun is available on line.  You just need to spend some time looking.

Another great way to pick up straw bags is on vacations.  Just Keep an eye open and support the local vendors.  I am sure you will find some great buys and maybe get lucky to negotiate your price.

I know I am keeping my eyes open for more!



  1. Love shopping at Goodwill for purses! Just about every purse I own comes from there! I like your purse and necklace combination!


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