A Cross Body Bag (Purse) Is A Must Have!

I cannot say enough about cross body bags.  For me, hands free  living is the name of the game.  If I have my personal items close by without using my hands, I will choose it anytime.  There is nothing like shopping with my hands free to pick up things, move things, hold things, or just let them swing by my side.

According to fellow blogger, Sherene Melinda, cross body bags were sometimes called messenger bags in the beginning because they were used by cyclist messengers to make deliveries and thus freeing the cyclist to navigate the bicycle.  Strapping a bag across the body freed their hands to hold the bars.  These popular bags were also used by line men doing electrical work in the early 50’s allowing them to climb poles with their tools.

And now it has evolved into the fashion bag that is very popular today, not only for women but for men too, as they are sometimes called man bags.  Cross body bags can come in many sizes, colors and shapes depending on what your comfort level is and your style choice.

I found this cute bag recently at Ross for $17.99 which is great for my budget.  Of course having a leather bag would be a bit more desirable and costly, but this suits my taste just fine.

I also picked up a smaller one just for variety and will probably keep my eye open for  more.

With Fall around the corner, having one of these will free your hands for that Pumpkin Latte while you browse your local Fall festival or Farmer’s Market.

Does it get any better than that?






  1. Beautiful Pam. Well stated too. Just to add from where some of us live, the hands free bag is great for balancing or allow one to use their hands when we get that , do I dare say ICE on the ground.


  2. I love your hair!!!! You are getting younger by the day dear friend. I love your sense of fashion! You have always had that!!! The cross body bag is awesome. I think I would love having them but always feel they accentuate my large pregnant like stomach! Thanks for sharing!!!!!


  3. Thanks for reminding us that even though we’re retired, we can still have fun and look great! I’m going to get busy in that closet of mine. I recently saw a video (fabulous50s on YouTube) where she cinched a t-shirt with an elastic band right at the tummy area. I tried it and “voila!” – instant belly disguise!


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