Working Out in Comfort

Working out can be hard enough in itself.  Feeling good and comfortable while doing so is key for me.  So as a 68 year old senior one thing I love is wearing  loose clothing with room to move.  While spandex has its moments and I do wear them at times, you can’t beat a good pair of work out bermudas and a comfortable T-shirt.

I found these  workout bermuda shorts while browsing Walmart online.  I ordered them at $16 which is a perfect price.  They are comfortable and have pockets for my cell phone or keys, if I am walking.  The material has the feel of typical sweats, in the style of shorts.   I matched them with a comfortable white T-shirt that you can pick up anywhere and there you go!

While this is not a great fashion revelation, it is hopefully a helpful suggestion that affordable workout clothes are abundant whether they be online or in a store. 

The key here is to get up!  Get moving!  Find your comfort clothes whether they be shorts, sweats, spandex or whatever.   There are awesome buys out there that you can choose without wrecking your budget!




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