Pairing Up Some Favs….

For the past 2 years exactly, I have put the emphasis of my blog writings on fashion fun.  Changing to a format where I highlighted clothing for $25 and under, has been especially fun and challenging for me.  I know I am writing this like I am ending that focus, but on the contrary, I am going to continue.  I am just going to pause this week, not to focus on a specific new trend but to look back on three trends that i have covered in the past and am pairing up to highlight.  Those three trends would be the denim jacket , paisley type bohemian print designed in the maxi dress.

While I have written about each on prior blogs, I thought it would be fun to combine them all in one outfit that I find especially fun.  Those of you who personally know me, know also that I love, love, love wearing denim.  In fact you could say I wear it upwards to 300 days out of the year in some style.  I recently bought this cute denim jacket at Walmart for $16 and absolutely love the fit.  I thought it would be fun pairing it with one of my maxi dresses I have had for a while.  The dress has a paisley type design which I have previously written about and is really fun, combined with denim.  It is great for a casual, relaxed outing and is appropriate for all ages.

As it seems we have jumped into summer, the jacket might only be needed for air conditioned settings or in the evening when the temperatures drop.  Either way, it completes the outfit very nicely.

What styles do you have hanging in your closet that you can have fun pairing up to create a fun look without breaking your bank?


  1. Hi Pam,

    Your blog is a much needed departure from what’s happening around us. Thank you for this blog post. I absolutely love this outfit! The colors in your paisley dress blend seamlessly with the denim jacket. I’ve always loved the denim jacket/maxi dress look. It provides the right amount of edge while keeping the look pulled together. I, too, love denim and wear it often. One of my faves for spring/summer is pairing a lightweight denim or chambray shirt with white jeans and adding a pop of color for accessories (adding red or tan sandals, handbag, etc.).

    Thanks for your post this week 🖤


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