Plaids Will Always Be a Fall Favorite!

Fall is definitely in the air. Where I live, we are experiencing cool mornings and warm afternoons, so we are transitioning our look and style to accommodate our level of comfort.

On our recent trip to the Apple Farm, I paired up a white tank top with a plaid short sleeve shirt. I added a pair of cuffed jeans and my white Keds and I was ready to tackle the orchard for apple picking.  As the afternoon became warmer I removed the plaid shirt and enjoyed wearing the tank top as we meandered through the orchard.

I really love plaid and all the amazing color combos that are available.  This season has a lot to offer when it come to plaids, not only for shirts, but for pants, coats, hats, scarves, pajamas and even home decor.   Now, of course as the weather gets cooler, I will opt for long sleeve flannel plaids. And I have seen padded ones that can act as an outer garment before the weather turns really cold.

There is an abundance of choices out there, both online and in retail stores. Take a look and choose your favorite style. You can’t miss.

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