A Classic Denim Blazer is Timeless

There are some pieces in our closets that are as popular today was they were last year, the year before and even decades before that.  One of those pieces is the classic denim blazer.  This particular blazer is one I have had for many years, in fact, longer than I can remember.

What better time to pull it out and add it with a pair of jeans than during these transitional fall days.  With cool mornings and even cooler evenings, the blazer is comfortable and can be complimented with a basic white shirt to present a fashionable look that will defy any current trend.  Add your favorite jewelry and maybe a scarf and you are ready for a fun outing to your favorite Farmer’s Market, restaurant or gathering with friends.

Denim has to be my fabric of choice lately.  It is so easy to dress up or dress down.  It is comfortable, inexpensive and can be found in abundance.  Many of my favorite pieces are denim based from blazers to outer wear, skirts to tops and dresses to jeans.  Seriously can you ever have enough?

If you are on a budget, it is easy to add these pieces quite inexpensively.  Make no mistake, they can also be a bit expensive too, but the fun is in shopping for great buys.  Don’t forget to check out Resale shops and Consignment shops and the Goodwill for great finds.  You seriously will be glad you did.




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