Seeing Spots With Polka Dots

in Awww Polka dot fabrics are nothing new.  In fact they have been around since the Middle Ages,though not considered to be popular then with its introduction.   As a fashion statement, this fabric style became popular in the 1920’s and hit the height of its popularity in the 1950’s.  You can read more history here.   

Whether  polka dots is your thing or not, every year there are new offerings in fashion style promoting this popular and ever present fabric design.  I happened to find this polka dot jumpsuit recently at Old Navy for under $25 which definitely meets my ever constant vigil of buying within my $25 and under budget.

I remember first wearing polka dots as a child and consistently since then and have always enjoyed the options offered.  For this particular Spring season, I have seen a vast selection of dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, scarves, pants, pajamas, and swimsuits just to name a few.  So whatever your choice, the selection will be abundant.

And let’s not forget, this pattern transcends generational style.  Both old and young can feel comfortable and relaxed with the design, whether your taste extends from the tiny polka dot print or the large bold polka dots often offered in some designs.   It is all a matter of personal taste!   Will you be  seeing  spots  this  upcoming  Spring  season?



  1. Long, chiffon scarves with polka dots are fantastic to “dress out” an ensemble. Wrap, twist, tie, drape, etc….


  2. Nice look on you! I like the style of the jumpsuit…the neckline. Keep styling and posting!!! You are gonna get hired pretty soon to be a fashion model. It is just a matter of time!


  3. Once again, you’ve hit the creative jackpot!
    I love that jumpsuits are back…this would be cute with a fun cardigan or blazer and, as we’ve seen, you have BOTH!❤


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