Sundresses Have Staying Power!

Spring is finally here, at least for most of us.  For some, it is still a date on the calendar because Old Man Winter keeps coming back for one last hurrah!  As we turn our heads to embracing Spring, the first thing we want to do is to put away those blacks, greys, browns, and other muted colors that we seemed to have been wearing forever!

What better way to embrace the warmer weather than with cute sun dresses splashed with color.  A sun dress is timely no matter what the year. Yes, styles do change and there are always new trends.  But a classic sundress can be timeless.  In welcoming Spring, looking for bold splashes of color can’t be beat.  If you are not brave enough to go with the bold prints, start with a solid.

This timely dress I am wearing is about 8 years old and still holds up under the test of time.  I feel as comfortable in it as I would a new sun dress off the rack.  I encourage you to recycle some of your favorite fashions for Spring.  Throw in bold colors with accessories like scarves, shoes, jewelry or a shawl.  Update an old look with new things.  Or as in this case, it stands alone.  I just added the gold medallion earrings and gold sandals.  Comfort is the key word here.  But I challenge you to move the marker a bit…

And rock that sundress, new or old


  1. About ready for your first fashion show, put to good music…what do ya think? We’ll call you Beverly Johnson…she, also, was a beauty!😊


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