Kimono Capes Can Sizzle!

One popular style that has been around for a few years and have remained consistently popular is the kimono cape.  While it varies with sleeve type and sleeve length, the fullness and flow is consistent.  While some are short, others can be long and flowing.

I found this absolutely cute cape in an airport gift shop last weekend in Ft. Lauderdale and it not only grabbed my eye because of the colors but the price could not be beat at $12, totally meeting my $25 and under criteria for shopping.  It was a no brainer in whether to get it or not.  What I do regret is not buying an additional one in navy and white which also looked amazing.  Pairing this with a pair of white cotton pants is perfect.  I also grabbed the pants for $15 at Forever 21.  And yes, this 67 year old still goes into Forever 21, because one never knows where a good bargain will be found.  Putting the two together is a perfect match, wouldn’t you say?

I hope you are having fun finding some incredible bargains while finding clothing in your comfort zone.  And I highly encourage you this Spring to step out of your box and find a new look that is outside your norm.  You might surprise yourself with the possibilities.


  1. Once again, lovely! I so agree with checking into all stores to find the perfect, reasonable “find” that can create a whole new outfit! It’s artsy. creative and fun! It isn’t about spending too much money and possibly regreting it, but it’s about the joy in finding something unique to “pop” an outfit, for very little money!
    You are hitting the jackpot with your ideas, Pam. Thanks for advising!


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