Pop That Color With Wearable Art!

Wearable art is a cool way to bring color into your wardrobe.  And there are many ways to infuse colors and designs on existing clothing.  Some people are artistically inclined to add their own art  on clothing with paint, embroidery, bedazzles, etc.  The sky is the limit and tastes can run anywhere from subtle to wild wacky designs.

Since I am not gifted with artistic talents, I choose to select clothing with printed art designs infused in the fabric.  Bold colors and printed designs only enhances an otherwise plain look. And it becomes a matter of preference and comfort.  

I was lucky enough to obtain this jacket from a dear friend who no longer wanted this piece and you know how the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  I absolutely love it!  And it is timeless.  Fashion experts may say this focus is only for a season, but I have found this to be popular year after year.

I wear this jacket with slacks, skirts or maxi dresses.  It adapts beautifully.  Wearable art can be adapted for any piece of clothing, headwear and shoe or boot accessories.   And any age can wear, along with this fitting in with any budget.

If you like making statements and love drawing attention, wearable art might be your focus.  Don’t be afraid to pop that color and have some fun!

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