Going Retro with Oversized Tops!

Now that March is here, some of us in some parts of the country are now feeling and seeing signs of Spring all around us.  And usually the first thing most of us want to do is to shed ourselves of the bulky sweaters, winter coats and all of the other layers we pile on to keep ourselves warm.

One of my favorite things is to start pulling out my oversized tops which are perfect for warm spring days.  Layering them with a tank top or cami allows for warmer daytimes and cooler evenings.  The oversized look actually began with oversized sweaters in the 1980’s and most most notably with Jennifer Beale in the movie “Flashdance”.  http://1980sfashion.weebly.com/oversized-tops.html . From there, it took off with many different looks.

I found this great top for under $25 at my local Ross’ store and I really love the flare and the comfort of the style.  I always enjoy wearing something that covers the flaws and trouble zones that I try to hide.  Even though this particular top is a bit out of my box, these fun tops can be for any occasion and any age group.

My motto is, “The looser, the better!”  Pairing an oversized top with leggings, jeans or dress pants is a winning combo. 


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! I also like the necklace that you paired it with!This is a good look on you! Keep the fashion and the fashion tips coming. I refer back to them when I am looking for something to wear! YOU ROCK! I am till hoping to see you in a fashion magazine sometime.


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