Loving My Leggings!





Leggings…They really are not a new thing.  The origin of the trend began way back in the 14th century and it began with men.  But fast forwarding to the mid-20th century, it becomes a fashion trend embraced by women with many variations.  Modern day version of the leggings began in the 1950’s with the first lycra leggings in 1959, and were full blown in the 70’s and 80’s. They cooled down in the 90’s.  Exploded again in the 2,000’s with leather leather look being very popular today.  (Click on link to see the article source.)


So the question is… are you caught up in this resurgence  of style?  Judging by what you see almost everywhere, most people are.  These comfortable pieces of attire are worn in the gym, in the work place, while we shop, entertain ourselves or just for lounging. 

Because of the stretchy lycra and synthetic fabrics, saying they are comfortable is an understatement.  All sizes wear them and all ages.  They are affordable and can fit in any budget. And for that very reason, most people have multiple pairs in various colors and textures.

I got these comfortable faux leather ones just last weekend for $10 at the Outlet Mall.  I had been looking for a while and waited until prices came down to what I was happy with.  I believe I got a great deal.

While leggings are not for everyone, since many do not like the tight fit to the body, there are ways to wear them with more comfort.  Adding an over-sized top is a great way to hide body flaws and allow you the comfort of wear.  Also adding bulky sweaters, jackets or knee high boots can be a great way to add comfort.

So whether you love them or not, leggings apparently are here to stay…or at least leave and come back again!


  1. I LOVE LEGGINGS!! Thanks for showing us more great choices..terrific faux leather, mixed with that cute, animal print jacket!
    Love the pic of you sitting down with that wisp of hair on your forehead! You are the bomb!!!!


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