More Pleather Please! …

Pleather, as we all know, is defined as synthetic material made to look like leather.  And if you have been shopping lately, you will see it is everywhere and in every clothing style from tops to pants and dresses, and including skirts, jackets and coats.  It is used for shoes, boots, caps and hats.  And even many furniture pieces are made using this popular material.

I remember buying my first pleather trench coat when I got my first job at 16 years old.  I worked all summer, setting money aside for my purchase.  I loved that coat and wore it for many years.  In fact I wore it until the fabric split in some areas, because back in those days, the pleather fabric was a bit different.  Since that time, pleather has evolved from actually hard material to more soft and pliable choices of fabric.  But let’s face it, nothing beats the soft feel of real leather.  However,  if economical shopping is the driving factor in choosing your wardrobe, pleather is the way to go.

 But we also have to mention there are also some who choose the stance of protecting animal rights and not choosing to use animals in this way. It is a matter of ethics so they will not buy any clothing item made from the hides of animals.  

Whatever your driving force is, pleather is a fun and cheap way to add to your wardrobe.  I have accumulated quite a collection of pleather items which are fun and, I believe, stylish.

Because of the low costs, it is easy to add pieces without breaking your budget.  So to all of this, my thoughts are….”More Pleather please!”  


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