Faux Fur For Real….

Okay, who doesn’t have one item in their closet that isn’t in the faux fur line?  You have to admit that we are being bombarded with a vast array of choices being offered.  All you have to do is go online, or step into a store and you will see just about every apparel company offers some type of clothing item in this line, from jackets and coats to shoes and boots.  In fact, you can even get house hold items to accessorize your living space.

I have come to the opinion that it is just a matter of personal taste and maybe a bit of economic spending.  There are some people who would never be caught dead in anything but the real deal and will spend quite a bit on animal fur for whatever reason they choose.  There are others who are more politically correct and choose not to wear the real fur.  In fact, wearing fur was quite popular through the 1970’s but animal rights’ activism has changed the industry to a degree and some are reluctant and not of the belief of killing animals for their fur.  Businesses have moved toward faux fur, not necessarily due to the activism, thought it is plays a part, but more so due to the fact they can produce the “faux look” cheaper and on a wider scale and thus make more money.  Then you have the category, like me who like to spend as little as possible on clothing and still have “the look”.

I found this awesome jacket recently and in keeping with my $25 and under budget, spent, with taxes, a little over $27.  I had been looking, for quite a while, for a jacket just to wear for fun and this one is perfect.  You can dress it up with a black dress and heels for evening or go casual as I am doing in this photo with slacks and a sweater or even jeans and boots.  The fun is you making it work for yourself!

My next  goal is to get a faux fur vest to wear with sweaters, jeans and boots.  And when I do find it…. For the right price, I am going to grab it!   


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