Celebrating 67 Years…

Well here I am facing yet another birthday.  As we get older, we tend not to face them with the giddiness of our youth, but as thoughts of, “What?  Again?  Where did the year go?  Didn’t I just celebrate my last birthday?”  This is my 67th time and I am finding that with age, one spends quite a bit of time looking in the rear view mirror of life;  looking back on what was, what could have been and what happened.  Though not always regretfully, but with nostalgia and reliving of moments long past of joys, happiness and sadness.

Looking forward can be a bit intimidating because of how the body is changing and how going forward in life is a bit more trepidatious.  For instance, what does that new ache represent in my body?  Why is the effort of dressing up and going out losing out more often to the joy of staying home and reading a book or watching a movie?  Waking up to find out yet another family member or friend has passed on, is becoming more frequent and hard to hear.

Yet in the midst of this reflecting and somewhat somber review, to some, one thing for me remains constant and that is holding onto my attitude of gratitude.  I am grateful!  I am thankful!  And I am blessed!  All of these are not primarily based on physical aspects of my life but rather on the deeply rooted joy of knowing that God is my foundation and my hope for so many good things, past, present and future. 

I could compile a list of so many things that I am grateful for, but it would turn into a list that would be unending.  For just when I thought I had listed all of the things that I am blessed with, I know I would have yet another to add to it.  That is how it is with loving God.  You never, ever stop seeing how he is at work around you and how he is blessing you in the small things and the large.  In fact, we have so many blessings that go unacknowledged because we take them for granted.  

So on this 67th birthday, I just want to simply say “Thank You God!” That’s it!  “Thank You God!”  ” I look forward to yet another year of living, loving and joy.  Whatever is coming, with you as my hope and foundation, it will be a great ride!”  So I am staying buckled up and ready for this uncharted journey into year 67 of my life with joy and appreciation and a grateful heart!


  1. Happy Birthday, Pam!! I love your view of our lives to come. The thing I have to get over is the absolute shock that I am entering the 4th quarter of my life!
    It amazes me that the “seniors” now present on the earth are US! There were ALWAYS older people!!! Let’s agree to do it with grace and with God’s help….guess that’s really one in the same, isn’t it??? I wish you Happiness, Love and Peace as you go forth…in faux fur, of course !😉


    • Thank you so much Kathy! Even though I too, am in shock at being the “senior” and “older” person in the room, I do look forward to many more years of joy and living, if it is God’s Will. I wish you the best too and many adventures to come!


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