I Feel Blazing Hot in My Blazer!

Since becoming an adult and starting early in my career, multiple blazers have always been a staple in my wardrobe.  I have had many styles, colors, and textures.  One thing I can guarantee is that this item of clothing will indeed stand the test of time and will always be appropriate whatever you are choosing to do.

I love the fact that it fits the venue no matter what.  You can wear it for work or play or just because.  It is always going to go with the flow.  As I look back now, I do regret letting go of some of the ones I had worn over the years.  Who knew that it would stand the test of time so admirably. 

I found this one just last week at the Goodwill during their half price sale, so I only paid $3 for it and it looks like it was tailored for me.  Depending on the fabric and the designer, you can pay very little or quite a bit.  Your choice!

Now in looking at the history of the blazer, it appears it came on the scene in the mid 1800’s. https://startupfashion.com/fashion-archives-history-blazer/ The jacket has roots as part of a uniform for a variety of boating and maritime activities. In fact, the name derives from a ship, the HMS Blazer. The crew of this navy vessel wore blue and white striped jackets, which wearers began to refer to as “blazers.”  They in turn became statement pieces, worn by the team, embellished with colorful stripes  to draw attention and ultimately becoming a status symbol.  Since then, the British Mod movement in the 60’s and 70’s captured the attention of both men and women and allowed the blazer to become an iconic fashion piece.  This popularity remains today.

I love my blazers which allow me to transition from various activities while remaining fashionable and appropriate, no matter what the occasion.  My favorite pair of jeans always seem to take on a new look with the right blazer choice.

So, if you don’t have any in your wardrobe, ladies I highly encourage you to pick one and have some fun! 


  1. OK..the last pic, I especially love!!
    I’m interested to see your next choice of clothing!
    Let’s see..what’s left?…..formal attire? wedding dresses??? HA Ha!!!


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