Wearing White After Labor Day?….You Bet!

As summer winds down and we turn our attention to Fall, one of the biggest trends has been putting away the “whites” that have comprised our wardrobes.  In high society, it was once considered a faux pas to wear white after the first Monday in September.  Few seldom dared to buck the trend for fear of bringing negative attention to themselves.  I mean, let’s face it, some things were carved in stone.

Well as far as fashion trends go in today’s world, many are letting go of that outdated habit and are choosing to keep those whites a part of a rotation of one’s wardrobe and feeling no style pressure what so ever.  Many are daring to be bold, daring to be a part of a new trend and just feeling no need to let a date on a calendar dictate what is comfortable and what is desired.

Hanging at a local festival with my cousin in our whites!

As for me, I have never been one to conform to style.  I feel no hesitation to do what makes me feel comfortable and what makes me feel happy.  Wearing white is no big deal.  In fact it is more the fabric type or the texture of the clothing, rather than the color which makes me choose.  So how about you?  Do you dare or do you conform?  It is all about comfort and choice!

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