Polish Your Look Off With a Duster!

Dusters have been around off and on since the 1920’s and are defined as a loose full length coat without buttons that women wore in open cars to protect them from dirt on the open roads. I have also read from other sources that the duster was worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from dust on the trails, which would have made them available before the 1920’s. In fact, they were the official uniform of the Texas Rangers. So whatever the origin, today we use dusters as a fashion statement to accessorize dresses, pants or even shorts. And that is basically what it is, for pure fashion to enhance layering in our wardrobe.

Dusters are fun and for all age groups. They are versatile and can be made from any fabric type. But some ladies often shy away from them because they believe they are for tall people. If you have looked around, they are being worn by many women regardless of height, and are looking quite amazing.

I personally have loved them for years. They were very popular in the 70’s and have become increasingly popular once again. I regret getting rid of some that I wore in the 70’s, but who knew?
Dusters can also range vastly in price. This was bought off the clearance rack for under $20 which definitely fits in my goal for keeping things under $25.
While this is more of a summer piece, Fall is coming and I am sure you can find some great choices which will look fabulous with the layering that comes with those cool, crisp days.
Whatever you choose, have fun with it as you step out of your fashion box.


  1. Pam, I am enjoying your posts highlighting fashion. I also love scarves and wraps, and have a great collection, but haven’t owned a duster since the ‘70’s. I have ceased following trends and now only wear what I love and what is comfortable. I think that is the key to discovering your personal style. Love your blog!


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