Tunics….You Can’t Have Too Many!

For whoever came up with the idea of a tunic, all I can say is “God bless you!”  According to the dictionary, a tunic is described as a piece of clothing that fits loosely over a person’s body, reaches to the waist or knees, and can have no sleeves, short or even long sleeves.  The origin of the tunic apparently goes back to Biblical days.  In those days, they were worn mostly by men. 

I call the tunic a timeless piece because it has stood the test of time and is never really out of style.  The best part in wearing a tunic is it covers a multitude of flaws that we try to cover up or hide, all the while knowing they remain.  But we feel good!  And isn’t feeling good in our clothes the goal we should strive for?  No matter if you are an apple, a pear, an hourglass, a rectangle or full-figured, there is a fashionable tunic for you.

In my endeavor to stay within the $25 and under range, I found this particular tunic for about  $13 and I love it.  So I think I will add some additional colors in my wardrobe and maybe purchase long sleeves for Fall and Winter.

There is such a variety of styles, fabrics and patterns to choose from.  Also pairing them up with jeans, leggings or pants works out great.  I have even seen some great belted tunics paired up with maxi skirts.   

Whatever you choose, you cannot miss with this great addition to your wardrobe, no matter what your age!


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