To Online Shop or Not!

One of the changes I have been making in my shopping,  is to incorporate more online purchases into my way of buying things.   I have been pretty much hesitant up until this year for my various reasons.  But as I am aging, I have to say, sometimes it is just preferable to sit at the computer and browse than to drive from store to store looking for that one thing that you feel you have to have.

This leads me up to today’s post.  My latest buy that fits my under $25 focus is this print maxi skirt that I found online for $22.  Several responses I have to this buy is, first of all, it looks exactly like it did on the website.  Because I am 5’10” I was concerned it would not be long enough and pleasantly I found it to be perfect in length.  The colors are vibrant and the fit is true to size.  

What I did not particularly pay attention to is the fact that it is not cotton.  Ordering an African print item, you assume that it would be so.  Unfortunately this skirt is fully polyester and kind of shiny in appearance.  I was not expecting that.  However in going back and checking the website, it did state it was 95% polyester and 5% spandex.  I just did not notice that.  So that mistake was totally on me.  I will pay attention next time, to every part of the descriptor.

As you order online, it is good to note every detail and especially the comments of past buyers.  Still making a choice can often be a hit or a miss.

So here it is.  While it might not be something I will wear often, it does photograph well.  And it is not too bad at all.

I am still not fully sold on buying my clothes online, but I am not ruling it out totally either.  Sometimes it has it’s purpose and sometimes you just have to go into the stores and try things on.  Wouldn’t you agree?


  1. You certainly didn’t waste your $22 but I know what you mean about assumptions re: fabric content. You would never know from the photo it wasn’t cotton. Bummer, but it’s still attractive. I’d love it with just the right red top too!


  2. The background is superb with your ensemble!!!
    Cotton, or not, the skirt is fabulous! What a statment of joy in life!
    I love what you’re accomplishing and look forward to each new entry!!!


    • Thank you Kathy! I always love hearing from you! I am having so much fun with this. I had a guy ask me yesterday as I was shooting an outfit, what dating site was I taking a photo for. I had to chuckle at his disbelief when I told him it was for my blog for retired seniors. He said “No way!” Now whether he was truly surprised or just stroking my ego, I would have to say it worked! I was stroked! LOL!


  3. Just found your blog & love it! You are a stunning lady & quite creative. Definitely following.

    I’ve found some of the best items in our local charity/second hand shops. Unique pieces like a linen cloche hat, two “tailored brim” straw hats, and (what turned out to be two) a pink & natural entwined Opera length faux pearl necklace. Oh! Brooches & scarves, too.

    Amazon has become a treasure trove of fashionable, frugal finds. Prime is worth the annual fee as it includes shipping; in many cases free returns. They’re also offering a new “try before you buy” program. Haven’t tried it… yet. I found the prettiest chiffon, watercolour floral print vests. Soft & lightweight to wear in hazy, hot, humid SWLA.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog, retiredandsmiling.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. So glad you are enjoying the blog. I am loving the challenge of finding great buys for $25 and under and updating my look. I am kind of discovering new things and new ways and I go along. you certainly sound like you have found some incredible buys! Look forward to hearing from you in future blogs! Take care!

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