Casual Comfort with Cotton…

I have always loved cotton blouses, not only for the great look but for the fantastic comfort.  My latest find takes it to an even higher level in comfort.  In continuing to step out of my box, I saw the Bell Sleeve blouse which seems to be quite popular this season and tried it on.  And I am hooked.

In fact there are a wide variety of bell sleeved fashions from tops, to dresses and even jumpsuits.  I found this top at New York & Company and it fit right into my Fashion Under $25 goals, after combining it with store coupons and sales.  In fact, I believe I was able to bring it down to $17.  I don’t know about you, but for me, a bargain is everything.  It always overrides a “Got to have it” moment for me.

When it comes to tops, I love combining it with jeans and maybe a hat to dress it up a bit.  I believe it stays within my desire to stay age appropriate and still offer contemporary style combined with a classic look.

Are you finding new clothing pieces or accessories to add to your closet?  I am hoping you are taking the $25 challenge and updating your wardrobe with new looks and stepping out of your box.

One last note I want to mention is, I know as we age, we tend to  to want to let go of things more or downsize a lot of things.  I know when we retire, we don’t always need the clothes that we used so often for work.  I would further challenge you, as you are adding new pieces for your update, make sure you are getting rid of some of those clothing items that you know you are done with.  This will free your mind and your house and give you renewed commitment in going forward.  

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