Dare To Bare….

Show my shoulders at age 66?  No way!  But then again, I decided,  why not?  One of the things we deal with as we age is the dreaded battle with gravity seemingly everywhere on our body, but especially the neck.  I have hated my neck since I hit the age of 50.  And to make matters worse, I had surgery which left me with a scar along the side of my neck and makes me more self conscious, which in turn makes me want to drape it with a scarf.

But I find myself refusing to give into the inevitable war with the neck, at least for the moment.  Instead of covering my neck, I am going to bare it, along with my shoulders, if the top is right.  So if you are too, at that point of mature aging,  I challenge you to add  an off the shoulder top or dress to your wardrobe and enjoy it!  In my endeavor to keep my buys under $25, I found this little top at TJ Max for only $13, which was perfect.  And I took the plunge and decided, “Why not?”

Sometimes, I think in our attempt to hide a body flaw, covering it up tends to draw more attention than just carrying on as usual.  Life is short and we have to stop letting our fears guide us and keep us boxed into believing we can or cannot do something different.  Grab life with gusto and enjoy changing things up!


  1. Great top…superb pictures…all well-coordinated with your surroundings.
    Nice find, Pam…keep up the great work.
    I also hate my neck, and I am doing what you suggested and going
    “scarf-less!” Who cares…we’re all going in the same direction! We need comfort, attractiveness and fun! “So there. Sew buttons on your underwear!!!”


  2. The pictures of you are awesome!!!! You are getting more gorgeous with age!!! Not fair!!!!!!!! I love your blogs! I look at myself and see all of my many flaws. But them I remind my self that I am a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! You have also been a reminder! Love you friend!!!!


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