Split Leg Tropical Pants For Comfort and Cool

Summer has hit us with a hot blast and looking forward, the upcoming days look even hotter.  So how do you keep cool while outside?  Many of us have our opinions and our comfort clothes that we go to to fight that heat and humidity.

But when it comes to stepping out of our box or looking for something totally different, here might be one suggestion:  Split Leg Tropical Pants that tie in the front.  I found these at the end of  summer, last year on the clearance rack at Ross’ for $10.   If I got to this summer and said, “No, I don’t think so!”  The loss would be only $10 and not quite so painful.  But, in trying them on this year, I found these pants could be quite fun.  The challenge comes in sitting down and keeping the split appropriate in leg coverage.  But… it was oh so cool!

I don’t know where this type of fashion originated and could not find any article to provide history, but wherever it originated, I am glad it is still around today.

The only complaint I have with this pair is, I am down a size since I bought it last year and the fit is a bit bulky, even with the tie waist.  But the good side of that is you can tighten the belt and make it work.

So if you should come across a pair of these comfortable pants,  all I can say is “Try them” you might be surprised at how much you might like them.




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