Summer Sizzle with A Modified Cold Shoulder Top

I love summer tops with a twist.  Finding a non-traditional or a non-classic look can be fun if you like change.  As a rule, I usually don’t like to draw too much attention to myself.  But being 5’10”, I tend to stand out in crowds.  Yet, while I usually see myself as pretty much  a conservative dresser, every now and then I like something different, something outside my “comfort box”.

While browsing the internet, which I have done more frequently in the last few months,  I came across this cute summer top which was described as a “One Off Shoulder Strappy Summer Top”.   I found it on Amazon and it was priced  right at $19.99.  So I ordered it and found it to be perfect in fit and perfect in comfort.

Pairing this up with a pair of jeans works great or you could use leggings or capris.  Jeans definitely make it more casual but the capris or leggings could add a more dressier look.

This summer top can also be a great look for a weekend outing or just hanging out.  The material is mostly rayon with some spandex, so it is stretchy, along with a thicker feel to it.  I might order one or two more in different colors.  Who knows?  Hopefully you have found some fun tops to jazz up your wardrobe.  And hopefully you have considered stepping out of your box to add some new style to your look.  You might really be pleasantly surprised at what is out there! 


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