Getting Comfy in Faux Suede!

One of the best parts of Spring being around the corner is the fact that most of my outerwear now consists of light jackets and on some days even no jackets.  One of the fun jackets I like to wear to dress up jeans or causal slacks is a fun faux suede jacket.

Faux suede is inexpensive and very soft and pliable to the touch. It wears very comfortably and just feels great.  In 1930, French designer Paquin crafted a suit using faux suede and wool.  That seems to be the first time this man made fabric was used in fashion design.  Yet today it is very popular with many designers for clothing as well as home furnishings.  It has been consistent in recent years as a style choice.

This light jacket style has served many purposes for me in changing up my look while keeping it casual.  And these lightweight jackets can be found online as well as in stores.  I found a similar style to the one I have on while browsing Poshmark.  It was listed for $15.  Now that is a bargain.  But it is easy to find them almost anywhere in the range that I like to stay in for personal shopping.

I have several colors in faux suede mainly because I love the comfort of the jacket and the fabric wearability and the fact that they remain timeless.  This style has been consistent for years and I would imagine it will continue to be stylish in the future.

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