Spring is Coming and It Is Time For Palazzos!

It certainly felt good to say goodbye to February.  Now with a new month it is time to turn our attention to what lies ahead…. Spring!  And with Spring fashion comes the thought of florals, pastels, and cooler clothing.  One of the trends still working for this Spring are palazzo pants.  According to Widipedia, palazzos are described as women’s trousers with an extremely wide leg that flairs from the waist.

This wide leg and high waist style dates back to the 1960’s and the 1970’s, and even being reminiscent of the wide leg style pants worn by actresses in the 1930’s.  Though the style is not consistent, it does have a resurgence each decade, even through the 70’s and now apparently once again.  Wikipedia did also mention that the popularity in the 60’s was generated because some restaurants did not want to allow women with trousers to dine at their establishments, so the palazzo allowed women the look of a flowing gown but the fun of wearing pants.

Palazzo pants are not for everyone’s taste because of the huge flair of the leg but that can be fun!  You can easily find them in stores or online and the price range varies greatly.  This pair of palazzo pants are from the Eva Mendes Collection, sold by NY&Co  and are on clearance sale for $17.99 online.  A word of caution is they are really long.  I am 5’10” and you can see how they cover my shoes.

As the weather continues to warm up, I am going to trade my long sleeve top for probably an off the should white puffy sleeve top to complete the look.  Who knows?  Changing up with fashion looks can be fun and endless.  And I am keeping my eyes open for another pair or two!  How about you?





  1. Love palazzo pants and other styles of wide leg pants. I find them to be most flattering as they help balance out my hippy build and elongate my legs. When I want to dress up denim, I grab my wide leg trouser jeans by 7 for all mankind. They are amazing! Given the variety, I believe there’s a pair out there to compliment most any body type.

    Great read, Pam! Love your pants and the color!



      • You’re welcome, Pam! Also consider Hudson, AG, etc as other options. Ever so often, Gap/Banana Republic will make a nice pair of trouser jeans. I use shopstyle.com to search for specific styles too. They’ve been a great resource and help with price comparisons.

        Happy shopping!


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