A Lace Top for Holiday Cheer!

Every wardrobe should include something made of lace, whether it be a top or a dress or even a beautiful shawl.  Various resources give different information on the origin of this beautiful fabric.  In one resource that I read, the history of lace dates back to the 16th century and multiple countries take credit for being the origin, such as Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and Germany.  None of these have been proven to be true origin.  Lace, historically has been viewed as a fine, expensive patterned cloth only worn by royalty of the courts and the very rich.  It was not until the 19th century with the onset of the Industrial Revolution that lace became cheaper to create and thus more affordable.  Mechanized lace began to become more popular than hand knit lace during that time.  Today it is all machine made and thus affordable by all.  Another important fact is that there are multiple types of lace patterns.

According to the Fashion trends for Fall and Winter, lace is one of the hot looks.  So imagine my delight in finding this lovely lace top on a recent road trip.  After having dinner at a recent Cracker Barrel, I wandered over to the merchandise areas and found this tucked away on a sale rack and found it to be 50% off, thus making it in my $25 and under range.  One note to make is that this top is from the Indigo Soul brand which can be found on Poshmark  and Thred Up if you are into buying through online resale venues.  And the price becomes even better.

Lace is one of those time fabrics that gives a classic look.  Whether you have a recent purchase or a piece that you have had for years, it will fit into today’s style.  And lace is not just for dress up anymore.  It can be worn for most any occasion or for any event.

Do you have lace in your closet?  If not, start keeping your eye open for some great buys because this classic is popping up everywhere. 






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