Classic Knit Dresses Never Fail

As of this week, we are now entering a season of Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas holiday celebrations.  The next 5-6 weeks offer the possibilities of lots of social opportunities and fun gatherings for some.  I am kicking off my upcoming celebrations with a classic that I have had for years, yet is still a great choice for those occasions of dressing up a bit.  This classic cross-body knit dress by Coldwater Creek is one of my favorites.

I cannot remember what I bought it for years ago, but I did see that it can be purchased now on Ebay for the close to $25 range that I like to keep my spending at.  I love the color red and I love the comfort of this knit blend dress.  Every now and then I do like to go a bit more dressy than casual and it was perfect for a Sunday Birthday brunch that I recently attended.

I love the length of this dress because it is easy to pair up with a nice pair of heels or a pair of boots.  The fabric is comfortable and the dress can easily be accessorized with a necklace and your favorite earrings.  Or you can add a colorful scarf or blazer to change up the look.

As we look ahead, for the next 6 weeks, many of my future blogs will focus on some fun looks for the holidays which I hope you will enjoy.  


  1. Love it!! That color is really good on you. I have a black one I wore on Sunday with a scarf and statement earrings. Of course, up here, it’s a little brisk for dresses! Next time I’ll have to wear warm tights with it. ☺️


  2. I love those dresses. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find something like that in petite sizes. I sure would wear more dresses if they had them!


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