Hats Add Fun!

Hats really can be fun in so many ways.  In addition to adding protection from the sun, hats offer an added sense of style to just a plain outfit.  Take for instance this cool Fedora style boater hat I recently picked up at Target for only $22.99.    I just thought it would be a great topper for a pair of jeans, T shirt and open style blouse.  Who knew that it would make me feel so sassy?

This hat combines two hat styles;  the fedora which is a soft felt hat with a medium brim and lengthwise crease in the crown,  and a boater which is essentially a flat brim hat.  It’s easy to see that I just love hats!  They can be worn for the most formal outings or just for a fun visit to an apple picking orchard, like the one I visited this weekend with family.

This felt fedora style hat has become quite popular for Fall.   It can also be found as summer wear too with the hat made of woven straw suitable for warmer temps.

Young as well as older women find the fedora an essential piece of their wardrobe.

While some may feel they do not wear hats well, I challenge you to visit your local apparel shops and just try some on for fun.  You may indeed surprise yourself and find yourself with a brand new fun look!



  1. Again, you hit the jackpot!! Hats have always been a fav or mine!! Thanks for the reminder to wear!!!
    Great pics…Happy Fall!


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