Classic Flannel Stands the Test of Time!

Another classic choice to have in your closet is the ever popular flannel shirt.  It is a wonderful must have when it comes to layering.  There are so many ways to be versatile and stylish when wearing flannel, from choosing to wear it button down, layered and open or even tied at the waist.  Choosing whatever works for you is the fun part!

You can pair it with your favorite jeans and slacks and make a bold presentation anytime and anywhere.  A fabric similar to flannel can be traced back to the 16th Century in Wales.  It did not arrive in the U.S.  until 1869 during the Industrial Revolution and was worn by hard working laborers.  It was made popular in the 1990’s being worn by Pearl Jam and Nirvana as their trademarks and being embraced by fashion trends at that time.  Now today it remains very popular with both males and females as a part of their fashion choice.

You can easily find flannel in most any store you shop at or online.  And it is very reasonable, fitting most budgets.  I bought this Merona Red Plaid Flannel Shirt, sold by Target for $25,  at the Goodwill on Senior Day for $4.  Now that was a great find.

Young and old find flannel to be great and a fitting part of their wardrobe.  I know I have no plans on letting it go anytime soon!



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