The dictionary defines a “milestone” as an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. I find as I have reached maturity in reflecting back on life, that is pretty much what it is, a series of actions or events marking significant change. Take for instance looking at the last year.

Personally, since this time last year, I actively set the things in motion to allow me to make this move to Atlanta in preparation for my granddaughter’s arrival.
Get my much needed surgery out of the way…. Check
Start projects to get my house ready for sale…. Check
List my house on the market…………………….. Check
ARRIVAL OF MY GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Downsize belongings on what to leave behind… Check
House sells…………………………………………. Check
Put things in storage and make that move …….. Check
Get my apartment and go back to get my stuff…Check

That pretty much summarizes my life from this time last year until the end of October. Milestones can be big or small, but what is unwavering is the significance that they are to you personally.

Since October and my move to Atlanta, I have continued to make adjustments while settling into a basic routine. I keep my granddaughter 5 days a week in lieu of sending her to daycare. That is as important to me as it is to her parents. Those first 6-8 months are so crucial in a baby’s development and I personally wanted to oversee it instead of sending her to day care. But now that she is closing in on 9 months, her parents and I have decided 2 days a week is a good start to having her build on social skills and interacting with peers. So starting Monday, we will reach a new milestone in doing a Nanny share with another 10 month old baby. This should prove interesting and hopefully very rewarding.

This will usher in a new milestone for me. As my little Rowan will be expanding her world, so will I. This two day a week break will allow me to expand my opportunity to get to know my new home city more intimately. Right now, I am so excited as to the possibilities. Do I take a yoga class, a water aerobics class, join a book club or just explore places around Atlanta? Possibilities are endless and I want to be intentional in what I choose.

I have to admit. My blog has been neglected and getting out to see different sites just have not happened because this 66 year old lady loves nothing more than coming home at the end of the day and just sitting and….getting enough energy for the next day in handling an 8 month old. There just has been no time to do anything. No complaints. Just recognition of the time and effort little ones take up. And when you do take care of a granddaughter, it is a labor of love and joy. But still time consuming.

So I am excited. I am ready and I am looking forward to this extra time for me! As for the other 3 days a week, now that she is older and the weather is great, we will walk the neighborhood, and get in the car and go! (Between her naps, of course). She loves going places, like I do!

I encourage you to look for those milestones in your life and use them to foster change. Use them as a fork in the road to do something new or expand and improve on the current.


  1. Pamela, you are both beautiful! Love your new haircut…so cute on you! The best part is that you both look SO HAPPY! Being a grandma is just the best! Now. On to the best of both worlds..being with Rowan and enjoying more of the world around you. It sounds very exciting to me! Miss you and love the blog! Kathy

    On Thu, Mar 22, 2018, 11:25 PM Retired and Smiling wrote:

    > Pamela Barbee Marshall posted: “The dictionary defines a “milestone” as an > action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. I > find as I have reached maturity in reflecting back on life, that is pretty > much what it is, a series of actions or events marking significan” >


    • Thank you Kathy! I am very happy being a Granny and am happy in my new surroundings. I do miss all of you and look forward to coming back to see my friends. I am excited about the possibilities of exploring Atlanta more. And will be sharing some of those outcomes in the future. Take Care my friend and I always love hearing from you!


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