A Taste of Home….

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my first visitor from home!  My dear friend, Pam came to meet up with her husband who had been on a bike marathon ride in Florida and they spent 3 days in the ATL and visited some of our local sites.  It was awesome seeing my friend who I literally have seen every week for the past 30 years or so at church as well as hanging out with and watching movies and our favorite show, Poldark.

Her visit reminded me that while I am loving my new home, I also gave up so much more than I thought in making this huge move and that being the gift of friendships through regular interactions.  I miss my friends….  But at the same time, it is so exciting to show them my new home and what my life is like now.  And isn’t that what life is….a series of changes and adjustments?  Some of us have been in regular routines so long, we are disinclined to change our routines.  We get very used to saying “One of these days, soon, I am going to….” And others of us feel that taking leaps are a part of life and can bring about good change and exciting new adventures.  While it is no less fearful, the desire to make changes overrides the reluctance to move out of our habits and routines.

Well needless to say, it was a fast, whirlwind 3 days.  I wished I could have slowed down the clock just to savor their company.  Our first day was spent catching up and having dinner at one of our local restaurants which we walked to…. one of the perks of living in my neighborhood.  They also got to meet my precious granddaughter and spend some time holding and cuddling her.

The next day we went to a spirit led worship service at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where upon walking into the church, I saw one of my childhood friends and neighbors who had brought a tour group of college students from San Jose California.  We had not seen each other in 40 years.  Unbelievable to be in the same place at the same moment to see each other.  I say…only God could orchestrate that opportunity.  After worship, we walked over to view Dr. King’s and Coretta Scott King’s tombs before heading over to attend the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Orchid Show.

Before touring, we dined on some unique dishes in their Garden Cafe.  It was a wonderful exhibit and a delightful afternoon.  We  closed out the night with dinner at Gaja Korean Bar & Restaurant. My son and his family joined us for a wonderful evening.

Their final full day was spent going to The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, followed by lunch at Destas, an Ethiopian Restaurant.  We closed out the visit winding down watching a movie and having appetizers at a local bar.  And then all too soon we had to say our goodbyes.  

My conclusion after saying our goodbyes is that life is way too short. If you have those things you have been wanting to do with friends and family, just do them.  Make them happen.  Waiting only robs you of precious time that could be well spent making new memories and enjoying the moments given to us.  While I have to be happy with seeing my friend for this brief visit, I am so grateful that the opportunity prevailed.  Time marches on.  Life changes.  New things fill up our hours.  But friendships are forever.  Cherish them!  Keep them going and make those moments of connection happen.  Don’t put it off too long.  Life is a gift to be enjoyed.


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