Welcome Rowan Lee!

I just got back from the most amazing 14 days of my life! No, I did not see majestic scenery or fabulous vacation spots. In fact, there were some days that I did not even leave the house. But what I did experience was an explosion of joy, deep in my heart, when I came face to face with my beautiful little granddaughter.

I am almost at a loss to adequately describe the feeling of seeing her, not on a photograph, or a video, but right in front of me for the very first time. The tears filled my eyes with wonder and amazement that this little, beautiful bundle, right before me was an extension of me. When I looked at her, I saw her daddy, and her mommy all rolled into this perfect little body. At that point, I realized that nothing else in this world mattered, except loving her and protecting her on her journey of life.

I feel abundantly blessed because her parents have welcomed me into her life to help with raising her, helping with her development and trusting me to be there to help in any way possible. I love that! I fully understand that I am “Grammy” and they are the parents. I will keep the boundaries and am there to support them in any way they need. And believe me, all of you who know me personally, know that for me to defer, is quite a task at times. But I am blessed with a wonderful, loving daughter-in-law who is very good at keeping me lovingly in my boundaries with her confidence and self-assurance in living life.For the past two weeks, I have watched Rowan’s parents turn into these wonderful, focused individuals who have embraced parenthood with joy and with the seriousness required for Rowan’s best life ever. I say this with a smile because up until now, life has been very different for them. They have lived a wonderful, fun-filled life as a couple who have embraced life with pursuing their joys and interests. While this does not have to end, it does have to be adjusted. And they have moved into their new role as parents with a seriousness and a focus that is beautiful to see. They are a team and they are united with a commitment and purpose that is focused totally on Rowan.

As a parent, it is an awesome feeling to see your child take on the role of parenting with the full knowledge and responsibility needed to parent their child.

The three of us of sat there, on my last couple days, thinking about how this little bundle of love has forever changed us and how we cannot even begin to image what life was before her.

So Rowan Lee, while I am back at home now for awhile, know that Grammy Pam is coming back. I just need to wrap some things up back at home, so I can again return to being a part of the expanding village that will help her in her journey of life. I look forward to showing her the wonders and the beauties of this world and teaching her so many wonderful things.

I will be one of her fiercest protectors and her most loyal teachers. But most importantly, I will be there to just be Grammy Pam.


  1. Oh, I am so happy for you! Being a grandparent is such a unique experience that is hard to describe, but you did it beautifully. There are so many blessings wrapped up in that tiny bundle. Congratulations as you begin this new journey.


  2. You will be wonderful in this role as you have been in so many others. Enjoy this “doodh par ki malai” (Hindi for cream on the milk) as my mom said when she became a grandmother: ‘My job is to spoil them, yours is to discipline them and we will be fine as along as we keep doing our jobs!’ Thank you for sharing and welcome Rowan Lee.


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