To God Be The Glory…Great Things He Has Done!

Sometimes you do not realize how you suppress things until you come out on the other side. I can honestly say this is the case with the last 8 months as I anticipated the arrival of my beautiful little granddaughter.

I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard the news over the Thanksgiving weekend, that I would be a grandma. In fact, to say I was thrilled was an understatement. Once I settled down, I began to pray fervently for my daughter-in-law to have an easy and uneventful pregnancy. And I prayed for my little unborn granddaughter throughout the remaining 8 months where she was knitted in the womb, for God’s word tells us: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:13-14)
I trusted that God was at work and that things would be o.k. I am learning that when you take things to God, you must leave them there and trust Him, for He is faithful and just. I also have come to know that we ask for the things we want, but He gives us the things best for us, even when we do not get our own way.

So today, 3 days after her birth, I am grateful and I am thankful, and I give Him all the praise and glory. I fully realize that I will pray for this little girl every day for the rest of my life. I have been thinking of what to write in my blog to her and I remember my blog I wrote when I first got the news that she was to be a girl. So I want to share that letter I wrote to her back on January 3rd, when I first heard of her gender.

Letter to my Granddaughter…..

To my dearest, sweet granddaughter,

Hello precious! I want you to know how incredibly blessed we are feeling as we prepare for your arrival. Since the moment I heard of your impending birth, you have found a place in my heart that is growing every single day in anticipation.

I cannot wait to meet you and to show you the many wonders of this world. God has blessed us with you, and I am going to honor him by telling you everything about your heavenly Father. I am going to teach you to love him, to praise him, to worship him and to adore him. For I understand, this is a privilege we have been given to call you our own.

I am going to be the best grandma ever! And I want to apologize ahead of time for the mistakes that will be coming. For you see, this is new to me too! I know I am going to grow in my role along with you. But I am here for you! I will lay down my life for you and I promise to protect you and care for you in every way possible.

I want to teach you about life, how to be the best you can be. How to love, how to laugh and how to learn. I promise to read to you, sing to you, comfort you when you cry and to teach you the wonders that life has to offer.

I know I am not your parents, but you see, we are a team. We are your village. We are here to help you become the best you can be. If you are wrong we will correct you. If you are confused, we will guide you. We will coach you, teach you, strengthen you and most importantly love you, with all our hearts.

So sleep on little one. While you are still becoming, we are here preparing for you, getting ready for you and already loving. you before we see you.


Well that was written about 6 months ago and now she is here. I will not actually get to see her and hold her until the end of the month, but my heart is already captivated and totally enamored.

My blog today is a deep, deep expression of thanksgiving and praise to our heavenly Father who has given me the desires of my heart and continues to bless my family.  I know He is in the details of all facets of my life and for that I will always be grateful.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your little blessing!!! I know she can already feel the love, even though you have not yet had the opportunity to hold and kiss her just yet. We are all so happy for you ….we remember your excitement when you first got news that you were going to be a grandma. Happy ‘Grandma-ing” Pam. And hold to that title…all of those “cute” little substitutes for Grandma are an insult! You have earned the title/name wear it proudly!!!


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