When They Go Low….We Go High!

Raw__Michelle_Obama_s_DNC_speech_0_5524657_ver1.0_1280_720I have heard some wonderful speeches over the years that have left a memorable impact on me. Last night was definitely one of those. First Lady, Michelle Obama, brought it and delivered it at last night’s DNC convention. Her message was uplifting, powerful and full of hope and conviction.

I have to tell you that I am so very tired of politics. This whole election process has worn me down and has totally disgusted me. In fact, I am wondering how in the world I am going to make it to November. As it is I no longer watch the news at times because I am saturated. The negativism that has been a part of this campaign has sickened all of us as a nation. It has divided us and polarized us more than I have ever seen.

I tried watching last week’s RNC but could not make it past the first night. The name calling, fear baiting and doom and gloom speeches were too much. While I am just in the first night of the DNC, I have to say there is a lesson being shown here in positivity verses negativity. I choose to believe in hope for our country. I choose to believe that we can be better people. I choose to believe that we can come together as a united nation.

She left me with several quotes that we should embrace:

  • Her quote “Don’t let anyone tell you that this country isn’t great” resonates with me. We have heard Trump tell us over and over again that he is going to make America great again, while offering no strategy, no direction and no plan, other than he is really going to do it and he is really going to do it big; bigger than we have ever seen. You have to question what his definition of “great” is. And ponder the question, “Great for who?” I do not believe it will be great for all Americans, but for targeted segments.
  • I loved her motto: “When they go low, we go high”. We need this reminder to be better people. We do not have to be people who are reactive but be people who are proactive. We don’t have to stoop low to raise ourselves up. And we certainly don’t have to tear others down to be stronger people.
  • Last, her quote, “I want someone with the proven strength to persevere, someone who knows this job and takes it seriously, someone who understands that the issues a president faces are not black and white and cannot be boiled down to 140 characters”, was a powerful statement. She is absolutely right. I share her same wants. I am very concerned with who will have their hands on the nuclear codes; one who has the ability to think things through.

20160712_083307.jpgSo thank you Michelle Obama for once again showing us what strength looks like. You have show our young girls what a beautiful, graceful intelligent role model should be. Thank you for reminding us, during these dark times of politics, that we all have the choice of going high, while others go low. We can do it. Each one of us……


  1. Great article Pam! Sometimes it is hard to go high when others go low, but the President and First Lady have been excellent role models for us! Here entire speech is all inspiring and you can believe she is probably the most blogged about person today! I am going to miss their elegance and grace (when under fire) !
    Thanks for the blog.


    • Thanks Michele! I had to say something! She has been a consistent example of grace and dignity for the entire 8 years. She has shown us character and restraint when it seems the whole country attacks her, her husband and her children. She is a far better person than me in that respect and she has my highest admiration. I sure am going to miss her but certainly hope her presence will continue beyond the White House.


  2. You are so right her speech was great. I get so tired of people trashing her. Think of how this family acted while in the White House. There were no scandals–no family drama. But the “Christian” people around me still put them down. It is disgusting. I loved all of the speeches of last night, if I lived in a state with hope for some unbigoted voting I would help with the campaign.

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    • Thank you! I agree, last night was more positive. It gave you a sense of hope, of rising above the ugliness and embracing love not hate. I too, am appalled by fellow Christians who have said things which show the ugliness in their hearts. It is sad and it is shameful.

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  3. Well said. I also loved her speech, and her unending grace. I echo the comments of you, Michelle and Lucinda. America has been blessed to have this First Family and many people recognize this.


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