So Long Summer Looks….

Well if you have been looking around, it seems everything is transitioning to Fall.  With Fall comes so many stylish looks and vibrant colors.  But before I turn my attention to it, where I live days are still warm and summer lingers.

This last summer post, I would like to focus on is a fun look that I have come to prefer when heading out with friends for fun.  I found these floral dresses on Amazon this summer for $25 each.  Great price and great look!  I liked the green floral so much I ordered another one in pink.  Same style, different look.  Just goes to show how color can completely change your appearance.  If I didn’t maintain self control, I would have ordered another.  But… you have to stop yourself at some point.  Right?

These loose Bohemian Floral dresses come with pockets and spaghetti straps for cool comfort.  I love the length which is perfect.  To say I love them is an understatement.

They were perfect on a recent trip to Punta Cana and for going out to brunch with the family.  It is with some regret that summer is coming to an end because they will soon be put away for next year.

What about you?  Did you find some great summer buys this year?  Hopefully you did!


  1. Cute dresses! I haven’t worn many this summer, except for a couple of short dresses. One is a lightweight denim, almost t-shirt style (so comfortable) and the other is dressier, black, in a golf tank style with a cool zipper! The black dress wasn’t more than $50 from Marshall’s here in Canada and it was a lucky find as I was headed to the theatre and forgot to pack my nice outfit!! Had the shoes but no dress, purse or black bra. Shopped en route! Anyway, I love dresses and will wear a couple of selections when I supply teach this September (if the weather stays warm).


  2. So perfect Pam!!! Life sounds so good for you…looks like a bit of paradise. Those dress colors are the best! Thanks for sharing! Kathy


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