Jumpsuits…. The Choices Are Growing!

Now that I have started looking more closely at summer jumpsuits, I am finding a wide variation of choices available.  And I am liking what I am seeing.

For instance, I was in TJ Max this week and I came across this cute Nicole Miller jumpsuit in this amazing green color.  I think that caught my eye first.  And looking closer, I saw it was not clenched at the waist or belted.  It had a scoop neck tank top and a palooza style fit, or in more concise words, it was shapeless and loose.  Those are two key descriptors I like.

I tried it on and it felt amazing.  But before I did it, I did check the price tag because if it is over $25 I tend to put it back unless it is nothing short of amazing.  And this cute jumpsuit was $24.99.  Bingo!

The material is very soft and pliable.  In fact, the only down side to that is it will show every single bulge or roll on your body.   Now don’t let slim people fool you.  We present as slim but we definitely have bulges too and I saw one or two spots of concern but overruled them and went for the buy.  And I am glad I did.

This is a fun jumpsuit to wear to brunch or dining out with friends in the evening.  It can be dressed up quite nicely with the right accessories.  I think it was a good buy and I look forward to adding it to my collection of “go to” choices for that right occasion.

Happy shopping friends and keep those eyes peeled for some super buys out there!  I would love to see some of your finds in your comments below.

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