A Cropped Jumpsuit For Summer Fun

Have you thought about a fun cool way to stay cool this summer while looking dressy for any occasion?  Well a cropped jumpsuit might just be for you!  As you know a jumpsuit is a one piece garment that has been around in fashion trends for years.  More recently they have become very popular with a cropped length falling anywhere from below the knee to above the ankle. They can be form fitting with straight legs or more of a palooza style loose fit.

I have found the loose style quite comfortable and fun to wear.  Further variations can include sleeves, long or short,  or can be spaghetti strapped.  There are so many varieties and options available both in the stores and online.

I found this cute navy print cropped jumpsuit at my local Ross Store.  It was priced unbelievably at $12.99.  How could I pass this up?  Not only was the price great but the fit was quite comfortable.

This cute jumpsuit can be worn just about anywhere and it can fit any occasion from casual or to dressy.

I suggest trying one on before you say no.  You might find it may become one of your favorite outfits this season.

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