A Letter to Baby Stella

My Sweet Baby Stella,

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to life and becoming the newest member of our family. Do you have any idea how much you were loved before you even arrived? We have anticipated your arrival with joy and expectation. Your sister Rowan was probably the most excited. She could not understand why she had to wait so long to see her baby sister. So she talked to you almost every day while you were becoming you. She would kiss you in mommy’s belly every single day and tell you you were loved. And she would share all of the wonderful times you two would have in the years ahead. She even sang some of her favorite songs to you. We hoped you felt it and knew you were much loved.

We thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us with you, Precious. We give him praise and gratitude and honor for bestowing us with the privilege of raising you into a happy, loving person. We will honor him by telling you all about your amazing Heavenly Father and teaching you to praise Him, worship Him and adore Him.

As your Gigi, I have had 4 years with your sister to learn some of the things to be the best Gigi ever. I made some mistakes and made some great choices in helping Rowan become the wonderful person that she is. We have had fun and have laughed and have developed a beautiful bond that I love and cherish. I look forward to teaching you some of the things I have taught Rowan while also realizing you are your own little person, growing and developing in ways that are unique to you. While my expectations will remain the same, I know my methods may differ to fit you being you.

I am blessed to be a part of your village. Your mommy and daddy and I will work as a team to help you develop into the best person you can be. Our hope is that you will learn to love, be kind, giving, strong, and thankful. We pray that you will love God deeply, be loving to others and laugh often. We also pray that your sister will be your best friend in life. As I wrote to your sister, as your village in helping you become your best, if you are wrong we will correct you. If you are confused, we will guide you, coach you, teach you, strengthen you and most importantly love you with all our hearts.

So glad you are here Sweet Stella! Our hearts are full and complete!

With much love and joy,



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