Are You A Random Buyer?

Have you ever walked into a store with no particular idea of what you want and then when you found something at the perfect price you bought it?  That is exactly what happened on a recent trip to H&M.  I saw this random piece for only $13 and grabbed it without thinking it through.  And yes, I have suffered from random buying just because the price was right, my entire life.  Unfortunately that makes for many return trips to the store or many online packages to be sent back, if it is not a final clearance.

So even as I am picking it up to buy it, I am asking myself, is it a dress?  Is it a duster?  Is it an oversized top?  I have no idea because it was in the clearance section and not in a specific dress area or tops area.  Because I love to layer my outfits, I thought I can make this work with jeans.  After all, everything goes with jeans.  And the colors are great!

Well here is what I came up with, along with my knee high boots, jeans and a black top.  Not a total fashion faux pas, but not a hit for me.  Maybe next time I might belt it with some black leggings for an entirely different look.  In fact, I am thinking black top, black leggings and black flats might be a better all around.

What about you?  Have you allowed yourself to randomly buy something and then have to work hard to stand by justifying your purchase to yourself for whatever reason?  I know most people have the opposite problem, buying something way too expensive and then justifying paying the cost.  Happy to say that is not me.  Just the opposite.  But sometimes buying it because it is a great sale also has its problems.

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