Statement Clothing Works For Me!

As some of you follow my blog know, wearing statement clothing is something I love doing.  Every year for the past few years, Target has come out with a line of Black History clothing which I find appealing and pretty cool.  You also know that I feel two ways about this.  While I truly am happy to see these items, I also promote the belief that Black History is World History and should not be confined to one month of emphasis.  But having said that, acknowledgement is the key.  And I applaud Target for their emphasis.

I found this really cool sweatshirt that states “Beauty Comes In Every Shade” and that is the truth.  I found this through their online website because in checking in the stores, most of their items have been grabbed up as they usually are.  This was on sale at a little over $12 with a non sale price of $17.99.  Definitely fits my criteria of $25 and under.

I have always loved clothing that emphasizes my heritage as a way of expressing myself or generating conversations.  Maybe wearing what I call “statement clothing” is not your thing.  But if it is, there are so many cool options available.

Some prior blogs I have shared are listed here if you missed them: “Being a Matched Pair!” And “T-Shirts With A Statement”

As I have said before, statement clothes may not be your style preference and that is cool but for me, I love fully expressing myself even with fashion!



  1. Last year I tried to buy a sweatshirt like the one you and Rowan had on. They were all out…on line too!
    Actually, I thought it was great that they were sold out so quickly! This year, I’ll buy early.
    This is not only “a people of color item.” It is something we all need to support and wear. I’m heading to Target tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder, Pam!!I ❤


  2. Love the statement clothing! You wear the current t-shirt well with your scarf. Target made a brief appearance in Canada a few years ago but alas it didn’t go over well enough to sustain it. Not sure why – Walmart sure stuck it out up here! Anyway, best wishes and yes: I’m also still retired and smiling!


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