A Touch of Southwest Style

Southwest fashion style has always intrigued me and has been something I have thought about obtaining but have never really done so.  Granted, there have been some pieces of Southwest jewelry I have gathered over the years but mostly as costume jewelry.

While browsing on Amazon last week, I saw this beautiful poncho style open cape with vivid colors reminding me of that beautiful western style.  Now it did not meet my $25 and under criteria but, as in the past, if I really like something and know that I will wear it quite often, I will splurge and treat myself.  In this case it was close to my range at $33.  So, why not?

A cape is a fun way to add fun style to an outfit while keeping you warm.  It can be open as I prefer or it can be closed, like a poncho style.  However you choose to wear it, it can work beautifully.

With milder winters that we have, owning a cape has been one of my favorite items to wear and my collection is quickly growing.  Prices range from $10 to as high as you are willing to go.  Enjoy some of the photos below of past blogs showing versatile styles with capes.  And do yourself a favor and consider adding some to your collection.  You won’t regret it.




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