Chains For Days…

I am getting to the point where I really don’t need to buy another piece of clothing.  I am blessed with a full closet of clothes to wear.  In fact more outfits, than I have outings to attend.  Am I going to stop shopping?  That’s a big “No”.  But I am going to move some things out before I add more new things.  That’s the plan.

So I have turned my attention more to accessorizing my current outfits. Two weeks ago I wrote a blog on adding costume jewelry to everyday outfits.  This week, it is about adding style with chains.  I saw this cute necklace on Amazon for under $11 and knew I had to have it to dress up my jeans, which by the way has turned into my favorite casual outfit.  There is a lot going on with this necklace and the best part is it is only one piece.  Amazon labels it an 80’s style Punk Rock multilayer necklace.  Quite a name but it works.

I know I am at the age where we like to draw attention away from the neckline, rather than to emphasize it.  But you know what?  Who cares?  I like the look and I like the feel.  I decided to add smaller earrings to put more emphasis on the necklace and I would say “Mission Accomplished.”

By the way, it is very light, not heavy at all because what would you expect for the price?  What about you?  Are accessories your thing?  Are you finding some nice, fun inexpensive ways to update what you have?  It is a great way to keep shopping without breaking the bank and without further cramming that closet!

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