What’s A Shacket?

One of the items being promoted this Fall is the plaid Shacket.  If you go online you can see it is available almost everywhere.  If you go in the store, there are racks of them in all colors.  So what exactly is a Shacket?  It is nothing more than a combination flannel shirt and jacket.  It is thicker and heavier than a basic flannel shirt but not quite as bulky as a jacket.  And it is not a new style;  just a new name.  Fashion has to be trendy as you well know.

Amazon has many to choose from with the medium price range of $39-49.  Some other sites and stores have longer length shackets that can go upwards of $100.  Now if you know me, that is over my range of spending comfortably.  So last weekend I made a Walmart run just to see and I came across this cute Buffalo plaid Shacket priced at $24.99.  Right price!  Right size!  Right look!  I did not hesitate to get it and I am glad I did.  It is warm and comfortable and looks great with a black top and pants for those casual outings.

I might see if I can find some other plaid patterns and colors just for the fun of it because I do love the fit.  So what about you?  Is a Shacket in your future for casual fun?


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