A Sweater Skirt is Just Right for Fall

One of the things I love about Fall is the variety of fashion styles.  I find it is a time when I tend to step out of my box and try new styles outside of my regular “go to” outfits of Spring and Summer.

An interesting item I found this past week was a “pencil style” Sweater Skirt.  Walmart had this really nice one for about $12, a price I could not refuse.  I love it because of the length and the fact that it is a pull on with an elastic waist.  It is comfortable and perfect with a light Fall jacket and top.  It will even be perfect with the many shawls I wear during these cool Fall days.  Throw in a pair a boots and a few other accessories and you have a nice outfit for those Fall gatherings that pop up.  It is also easy to dress up or dress down.

Another fun way to dress this skirt up would be to add an oversize cable knit sweater with a possible belt.  The options are endless.

Sweater skirts appeared around 1953 and although this style did not “take off” in the fashion world, it has popped up now and then on the scene, especially in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  While it is not widely being proclaimed in the current fashion scene, Nordstrom, Chicme, and Pink Lady are three brands offering sweater skirt options.

As for me, I know what I like and this one is definitely going to stay in my closet for a while.  Right price!  Right style!  And definitely right fit!



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