Cool Days…. Means Warm Jackets

As we move through these Fall days, the stretches of cool crisp days are getting more and more frequent.  One of the ways to meet these days head on is with warm sweaters and jackets to stave off those frosty temps.

With so many varieties of outerwear available, finding your favorite style should be very easy.  I particularly like this fleece type jacket.  It is warm and lightweight and perfect for those cool days ahead.  I also love the fact that it has deep pockets.   With no zipper or buttons, this lightweight jacket is an easy on/off option.

This particular type jacket brand is Exertex and I got it for under $15 on Poshmark.  I love the neutral color to be able to wear with any color combination.  It can be dressed up with a scarf or dressed down with a pair of jeans.

If you are looking for a similar jacket you can google the brand name and find many sites where you can find similar fleece styles.  Ebay and Poshmark usually have a large selection.  Also a fleece vest is a popular style variation.

Whatever your taste, fleece remains a Fall favorite for many!


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