Color Combos That Work!

Earlier this year I started highlighting some great color combos that work when it comes to fashion. Some of those were Red/Black, Orange/Navy, and Green/White/Black. Another one I found to be popular is Brown/Teal Blue. That is what I am highlighting today.

Mixing brown with Teal, Turquoise, or Sky Blue works great! The lighter the blue, the darker the brown when it comes to making this fashion statement.

In this outfit I mixed some old with new. In searching my closet, I came across this brown maxi skirt that I have had for many years, added a brown top and an updated wrap that tied the two colors together. The added orange and white in the wrap also added a pop of further contrast. Adding the turquoise necklace further highlights the brown.

It has been fun for me to take a pause and search my closet for combinations that I have never tried before. It is like having a new outfit without paying the money.

Another way to further find a new look is to use what you have and just buy accessories to add newness. A new pair of shoes, jewelry, scarves or wraps can change you up without breaking your bank.

You will be amazed at what you might find by looking in that closet and pairing up some combinations based on style, contrast, or new color combos.

Have fun with it! I know I am!


  1. You are so great at your styling combos and you are beautiful on top of that!! I enjoy your combinations!!! I am tired of you not aging, just saying!!!


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