Staying Cool

With Summer knocking at our door, comes the heat. Although Summer officially does not start until next week on the calendar, the weather has definitely stepped up with heat and humidity. And now we turn our attention to how to stay cool during these next few months.

Most people grab the shorts and cool tops to help with the heat and that is indeed great. But what we might want to consider also are those cool summer skirts that are breezy and comfortable on those days where it seems we just can’t get a break from the heat or humidity.

A light cotton skirt can be refreshingly cool. I definitely recommend a cotton or cotton blend fabric which will keep the heat at bay. Add a light summer top and sandals and you are ready to enjoy.

This skirt is yet another items I found in my closet. Since I have been retired, I often do not get dressed up unless I have an occasion to attend an event or an outing with friends and family, like dining out.

What I fail to do is to think about skirts just for heading to the store or going about my day. But wearing this one reminds me of how comfortable they truly are and how much I really miss wearing them.

I am loving it and will continue to see what else I have hiding out in my closet that will work with this heat!

Stay cool everyone!

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