White Tunics are Not All the Same

White Tunics are Not All the Same and that is a fact!

I cannot fully express how much I love having tunics in my fashion closet. It has been a style I have embraced for years. There are so many reasons. why I continue to love this look. Here are just 5 of those reasons:

  1. There is diversity in tunic styles. As noted in this blog, I have three styles highlighted. One is a longer below the knee length which is comfortable with leggings. Another style is a bit shorter with a v-front neckline and collar. This looks great with jeans. Tunics can also be shorter, falling around the hip, if you choose this look. The third one is I have posted here is a modified version. It is more of a combination tunic and oversized shirt and I have it belted and coupled with a skirt.
  2. Tunics elongate your look and present a lean silhouette. Being 5’10” is an advantage for me in choosing this style. It presents a fun look with flare and balance.
  3. Crisp, white tunics are my style of choice because this color and style can be accessorized in countless ways. All you have to do is change up the jewelry and consider adding a scarf, belt, purse or shawl.
  4. A tunic is the perfect choice for a casual outing or can be dressed up for work, church or more formal occasions depending on how you choose the pants, leggings and shoes.
  5. Tunics are plentiful and affordable. As most of you know I love keeping my shopping in the $25 and under range. All of these choices fell close to that goal. The only one a bit more was the mid length tunic with jeans which I purchased from H&M which was in the $30 range. While I hate to spend that much, if I know I am going to get a lot of use from it, it is well worth the price.

Take a look at some of the choices out there right now. Tunics need not be white to work. I am focusing on it only because it is a great look for summer coolness. There is a wide range of choices in multiple colors with slight variations in collar styles, lengths and flare. You are sure to be able to find something according to your taste. And tunics have been around for quite a while in women’s fashion and most likely will continue to be a necessary staple in your fashion closet.

Have fun putting your look together! Find the right type for you and your comfort style and be that stand out in a crowd.

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